A Mexico City Airport taxi to the city centre will be
about MXN $180-260.

Present your ticket outside to the driver. Taxi "assistants"

who lift your luggage into the waiting taxi expect a tip
for their trouble. Putting your luggage in the taxi is the
driver's job.

Airport to Hotel Isabel by metro

The Metro, Mexico City's modern subway system, is

cheap and faster than a taxi, but it seems to be gaining
popularity among thieves who target tourists. If you
take it from the airport, be forewarned: As a new
arrival, you'll stand out. If you are carrying anything
much larger than a briefcase, including a suitcase, don't
even bother going to the station -- they won't let you on
with it.

Here's how to find the Metro at the airport: As you

come from your plane into the arrivals hall, turn left
toward Gate A and walk through the long terminal, out
the doors, and along a covered sidewalk. Soon you'll see
the distinctive Metro logo that identifies the Terminal
Aérea station, down a flight of stairs. The station is on
Metro Línea 5 (Line 5). Follow the signs for trains to
Pantitlán. At Pantitlán, change for Line 1
("Observatorio"), which takes you to station Isabel La
Católica that are a five blocks south of Hotel Isabel.

Airport to Hotel Isabel taxi service

Travelers at Mexico City International Airport
should only employ official airport taxis, since
taxi-related crime is a serious concern. For safety
and comfort, do not get in an unmarked or
independent cab.

The official airport cabs are available after exiting
the baggage claim area near the far end of
Lounge A and E, right next to the arrival gates, in
special booths marked TAXI / TRANSPORTACION
TERRESTRE (ground transportation). They are
staffed by personnel wearing bright-yellow jackets
emblazoned with TAXI AUTORIZADO (authorized
taxi). These cabs should be yellow with a white
taxi light on the roof and an airport symbol painted
on the doors.

Buy your ticket from the clearly marked taxi
counters inside the terminal and tell the ticket
seller your hotel or destination. Ticket prices are
fixed, based on a zone system and depending on
the number of passengers. After purchasing your
ticket, go outside to the line of taxis where an
official taxi "chief" will direct you to the next taxi
in line. Present your ticket to the driver.

Travel time to downtown Mexico City is about 35
minutes.Ignore those who approach you in the
arrivals hall offering taxis; they are usually
unlicensed and unauthorized. Authorized airport
taxis, however, provide good, fast service. After
exiting the baggage-claim area and before entering
the public concourse (as well as near the far end of
the terminal near Gate A), you'll see a booth
marked TAXI. Staff members at these authorized
taxi booths wear bright-yellow jackets or bibs
emblazoned with TAXI AUTORIZADO (authorized
taxi). Tell the ticket seller your hotel or
destination; the price is based on a zone system.

The historic
Centre of
Mexico City
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